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Who is James Stokoe?

I love homes, which is why "Passion" is one of my company values.  I have held numerous progressive positions in the construction industry.  I progressed from an assistant Superintendent to Superintendent to Project Manager to the Purchasing Manager for a large homebuilder, but those are just resume items.  

At the end of the day, I love creating and helping people see their vision become a reality.  I enjoy the transformation that can happen with a little hard work and know-how or in seeing someone walk into their home for the first time.  I enjoy forming new relationships with people and working in close partnership with subcontractors.

My wife and I moved back to Spokane in November 2014, and I decided that it was time to put my passion to work.  This is a remarkable place, and it is amazing to see the changes since graduating from GU.  The best part about moving back is family and friends and seeing how much it has grown and how much the good things haven't changed.

I look forward to meeting you and working with you on whatever you need.  No job is too big or small if you are passionate about it.

Let's get to work!


Our mission is to make your vision a reality through the 5 values for which I named the company.

It is our job to help you through the process and to be your expert.  We listen to the expectation and refine a plan based on your vision.  We make the process easier by defining and refining expectations, schedules, processes and achieving exceptional results.

We celebrate the positives in residential transactions, and we aggressively tackle challenges that will inevitably arise.

Sometimes, our role may be as a consultant.  Sometimes we offer a hand.

Sometimes we do it all.  Whatever you need, we are there to help.

5 Point Property Specialists was founded on what we know is important.

A company needs to be more than a name.  Ours is based on 5 values we know are essential in business and life. 

  • Integrity
  • Customer Service
  • Quality
  • Professionalism
  • Passion

We have been involved in the construction industry for over 9 years, worked with hundreds of homeowners and have been involved in the transactions and construction of hundreds of homes. Every person, vision and structure is different.  We strive to make your vision more than sticks and bricks; we strive to make your experience personal because we know a home is.

Our Vision

Who We Are